Incumbent is primarily responsible for assisting the Department in investigating offenses against the criminal laws of the United States on all property owned or controlled by the Department of Veterans Affairs within the jurisdiction of the Police Service at Huntington VA Medical Center, WV.
This includes the Veterans Benefits Administration Regional Office and Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs).
The incumbent reports directly to the Chief, Police Service.
The Detective performs a variety of administrative assignments for the Chief or Designee of Police Service as well as performing technical police functions.
Incumbent must achieve and maintain qualification in the use of agency approved firearm and intermediate approved weapons at an armed facility as a condition of continued employment as a VA Police Officer.
This includes meeting the provisions of the Gun Control Act of 1968, as amended by Public Law 104-208, and found at 18 USC 922.
Incumbent will be provided appropriate training and a reasonable period of time to achieve weapons qualification.
Other duties included but not limited to:
Employs a methodology consistent with established criminal investigation techniques, i.
, performs crime scene searches, takes proper steps in the handling of evidence (identification, collection, preservation, documentation), photographs crime scenes, locates and lifts latent fingerprints for later comparison tests, and renders a comprehensive, accurate investigative report.
Participates in the planning, training, and 24 hour a day operation of VAMC Huntington Police & Security operations and the establishment of procedures and controls for the deterrence of crime at VAMC Huntington and all of the CBOC's.
Seeks and detects signs of activities involved in the introduction contraband of vice practices on station such as drug trafficking, alcohol abuse, or bearing weapons.
Responds immediately to reports of a possible criminal act or crime in progress.
Obtains arrest warrants.
Conducts Search and seizure procedures.
Gathers and preserves evidence.
Questions witneses and principles involved in incident Work Schedule:
Rotating shifts to include weekends and holidays.
Position Description Title/PD#:
Detective / 20250-0

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