Specifications Manager

Salary Notes:
No Bonus or Overtime EligibleRequired Skills:
-Good project planning skills (establish timelines, open issues lists, progress tracking matrices, etc.
) -Self-starter, energetic, able to work with minimal supervision after initial orientation -Progressive leadership / technical experience in the metals processing industry -Strong leadership qualities, including strength in team building; envisioning and articulating strategy; negotiating with / influencing others; and passionately owning / driving to achieve results -Command of industry quality specifications and customer specifications/requirements -Comprehensive understanding of melting, rolling, casting, forging, extruding, and other metal forming practices, as well as thermal & chemical processing, nondestructive testing and material laboratory testing Detailed Job Description:
The Specification Manager will be responsible for the following tasks:
-Manages daily processes, including (spec package backlog, throughput, spec reviews, inquiries, recertifications, etc.
) -Oversees maintenance, including (society spec revisions & system updates, OLSI maintenance - conversion if/when mainframe becomes obsolete, Industry & Eng.
specs in QSS.
) -Manages spec & related for Navy nuclear, including (CPCP's, participation/assignment for PQP meetings, responses to technical/manufacturing inquiries from B&W, Bettis.
) -Leads QSS improvements to spec process, including (working with RLS, SH, JL, reviewing & approving tickets, and assigning testing resources.
) -Oversees cross-training & capability improvements for spec group personnel.
-Handles A-1 wire spec reviews.
-Works with technical & sales groups on customer spec revisions& new or revised HA specs.
-Supports outside sales with review and comment on customer new orders, etc.
-Coordinates HD weekly review meeting, follow-up action items.
-Provides technical support on a variety of issues.
Liaison between sales, operations, and lab.
-Manages overall Cert.
Group function.
-Oversees QSS improvement, including (reviewing & approving tickets and assigning testing resources.
-Communicates & reinforces expectations for CMTR automation.
-Reviews and analyzes problem CMTR issues, communicates to labs, sales, NDE, etc.
-Provides ADNOC communication & follow-up on CMTR issues.

Don't Be Fooled

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